Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of installing gas wells in this region?

Gas reserves exist throughout eastern Ohio. More than 250,000 wells have been drilled in Ohio since the Civil War, and more than 60,000 wells remain active today.

Where will the well be sited?

The well must be located on a minimum of 20 contiguous acres. The bottom of the well must be at least 500’ from property or leasehold lines, 150’ from occupied buildings and 50’ from public roads.

How deep will you drill?

Wells are typically drilled into the Clinton Sandstone Formation which lies about 3,400 – 5,400 feet below the ground.

How long will it take to drill and complete a well?

Drilling requires approximately a five day period during which the drill Rig operates around the clock. After the hole is drilled and Casing is inserted, tanks and meters are put in place, a pipeline is installed and the well is prepared for operation.

What equipment will be visible on site after the well is drilled?

The “wellhead”, where the well emerges from the ground, is surrounded with an 8’ cyclone fence in an area smaller than a parking space. Occasionally, if the well contains significant fluid, a pump jack will be installed at the wellhead without significantly altering the size of the fenced area. Fluids, oil and brine water, are siphoned into two tanks. Wells and equipment will be located so as to minimize visibility. Appropriate landscaping such as pine trees can be planted to provide additional screening.

Will any pipe be installed above ground?

Pipelines will be run from the well to the separator located inside the tank battery. The natural gas is separated from any oil and water produced and then piped to a Dominion East Ohio Gas pipeline. All piping will be installed underground and will follow predetermined and approved locations.

Will the wells generate noise or odors?

Wells are essentially noiseless and odorless. Any petroleum odors are curbed through the use of charcoal filters. The well itself typically generates no noise. If a pump jack is required to operate the well, it generates very mild mechanical noise. There is also mechanical noise during the limited time span of the drilling process.

How often is the well serviced?

The well is visited daily as the well begins and then three times per week by our production staff during daytime hours, or as often as needed.